Ceramica Pinto : The tradition in Vietri sul Mare

The origin is the difference, The ceramics of Vietri, Italian majolica, a high quality craftsmanship product. If it realized in Vietri sul Mare, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, is an extra guarantee.

The Vietri Style: lines, shapes and colors. Essential signs and color contrasts that bring the spaces of each residential experience the brightness of Vietri Sul Mare. A territory which, not surprisingly, they wanted to preserve as scenery of all our days of work and daily life.

The hand-painted tiles 20 cm x 20 cm. They are the classic interior tiles from Vietri. Ceramica Pinto have also had experience with processing of drawings firmed by artists or designers (among all, Escher, Capogrossi, Ponti).

We at NEWFORMSDESIGN we fell in love for Vetri and for the majolica works of Ceramica Pinto, historical company in Vietri  founded in 1850.

We offers their artworks such as hand-painted tiles, floor and wall tiles for each rooms to customize. Ancient baroque or geometric design, the most innovative design, all in the style of Vietri.

We love Amalfi Coast and its people. We recommend at least once in a lifetime to visit its coasts, its landscapes, fantastic sunsets.


Reach Vietri, the first pearl Coast, you can go directly to Ceramica Pinto, see with your own eyes

the craftsmanship of their products and take guided tours of the factory which enable to observe the main processing steps

and understand the differences between a real maiolica from Vietri and an ordinary ceramic. Your choice in buying a Vietri ceramics

after will be much more aware and with the guarantee of an original Vietri ceramics.

Newformsdesign always chooses the best world craftsmanship.