Newformsdesign choose v-zug Swiss perfection for your home since 1913


Newformsdesign creates design furniture, luxury kitchens and exclusive products for decades. Over the years we came to select the best products in the world that the furniture brand has to offer. Now we would like to advise appliances V-Zug, a symbol of Swiss perfection as early as 1913.


V-ZUG has relied upon proven ingredients and values like quality, precision, innovation and customer orientation, together with plenty of Swiss engineering talent. The V-ZUG philosophy has always included longevity and effectiveness in use, together with sparing use of natural resources.

Modern living means intelligent living: with V-ZUG Home, you can network your household appliances and communicate with them using an app. So you’ll always have everything in your home under control. The premium ovens, combi-steam cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers and from February 2017 on the dishwashers with the V-ZUG-Home option can be networked with ease. Thanks to the extremely simple installation and operation, the communications-ready appliances are available to a broad public. Networked household appliances give the user clear value added and inspiration in terms of control and operation.


Acclaimed for several years in a row as “Most trusted brand” by the extremely demanding Swiss market, the goal of V-ZUG is now to win and convince demanding people throughout the world, people for whom only the best is good enough.

V-ZUG stands for “Swiss perfection for your home”, providing products and solutions expressing elegance and fine living.

Premium Swiss Quality in the kitchen means not only quality but also innovation, functionality and elegance. The captivating FutureLine design meets every requirement in this regard and allows a practically unlimited choice of combinations.

The laundry room appliances from V-ZUG combine Swiss quality with top consumption figures. The advanced technologies yield outstanding results while taking the greatest possible care of your washing. Packed with many world exclusives, the laundry room appliances offer welcome conveniences and a long lifetime.

Newformsdesign manufactures modern kitchens projects, choosing the high V-Zug quality with the quality of the kitchens Made in Italy 100%. Contact us to develop your project or ask for an appointment with our experts.

EcoManagement – Taking responsibility at home
V-ZUG raises awareness and motivates users to make their households more environmentally-friendly on a day-to-day basis. V-ZUG’s EcoManagement solution comprises a range of functions that enable you to check your appliances’ water and electricity consumption straight away so that you can select the most economical programmes. Washing machines and dryers, for instance, can show you the projected energy and water consumption for a specific programme and then inform you about actual consumption levels after the end of the programme. You can also actively influence how much your appliances consume: washing machines and tumble dryers come with an Eco button that can be selected with each programme – the programme then runs for slightly longer but consumes less energy. Appliances that support EcoManagement functions are the ideal companions for a modern, resource-efficient lifestyle.