LSA International fifty years ago, the Polish tradition from London Heart


Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa, with co-founder Tony Saunders, found the success with enamelled coffee pots, mugs, kettles and colanders led. Janusz tries to explore other avenues of Polish production and he finds in the mouthblown glass, the ability to create versatile products, practical and fashion conscious.


On joining the company in 1985, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas worked closely with her father, gaining a deep understanding of skilled craft production and developing her unique instincts for quality and style.2010-10-lsa-g1124-00-301-vodka-paddle-serve

This insight into artisan dexterity and the potential of the raw materials encouraged Monika’s creativity, leading her to experiment with different techniques and push the boundaries of hand production – particularly in mouthblown glass, which quickly became her principal focus.





Today LSA International is controlled by MoniKa with the same her father’s passion, the ability to be fashionable without forgetting the traditional craftsmanship of the product exclusively made in Europe, especially in Poland, their native land.




On  Newformsdesign you find many goods of all LSA International Collection,

we have chosen for you everyday products, such as the Gio Collection glasses.The glass and wood worked together unique collections such as Paddle Collection. The glasses in mouthblown glass of Wine collection.
1885-10-serve-honey-pot-g1052-12-301And many other luxury products or a beauty that only LSA International can give us, creating magic in your homes, from Decanter to the Serve collection, up to giant goblets through the vessels, MoniKa and LSA have been able to continue and expand internationally l ‘ company of his father, maintaining the craftsmanship heart.