13 paragraph.

And remember that the result of Andrzej Duda was historically the highest result since the PiS victory of Lech Kaczynski in 2005. – notes the expert. The senator mandate will likely apply Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. The former head of the NIK already submitted his resignation yesterday. Senate to start is also chief of staff of the PO-KO Krzysztof Brejza.zobacz also governors of Justice versus governments. Soon the end of the consultation also decentralization »What, however, is striking is the lack of well-known local names. Already they had missed their lists to the Sejm.

As a rule, the candidate decide to councilors, governors whether they were stewards. For example. Lists KO to the Sejm Marshal were former province. Wojciech Saługa Silesian regional council or councilor Joanna Jaśkowiak Wielkopolska. With the PSL lists and kukiz’15 also will start councilors and governors. The most famous local governments who, in accordance with the original concept of the locomotive had an opposition electoral lists, decided not to start. This also applies to the President of Sopot Jacek Karnowski, which is in the campaign headquarters KO and until recently he suggested that it might take off to the Senate. – Unfortunately, we all withdrew.

Frankly, I also hesitated until the last minute. Pushing to Warsaw, risking a lot. But I came to the conclusion that if I gave the word, I keep it. The voice of local government needs to be more audible in national policy – the president tells us Nowa Sol Vadim Tyszkiewicz, who decided to compete for the upper house of their own committee (and, as has, with the support of the opposition) .See also the President or MP. For something you have to decide [OPINION] “What happened that instead of pompously announced spurt local government election we only have his substitute? From our conversations that decided several factors. This should include amendment of the Electoral Code in January this year.

According to the expiry of its mandate the mayor (mayor, city president) is due to the choice of a Member of Parliament, senator or MEP. Many local governments to the point where they had already decided, did not realize the new rules. So if you start in the local government elections and win a mandate, eg. In the Sejm, the mayor’s seat will automatically lose. Previously, he could take off to the Sejm and even after the election to decide whether to accept a parliamentary seat or not. Today, such an option is no longer possible. – It could cause at least a dozen mayors and city presidents odpuściło – says Vadim Tyszkiewicz.

According to our information, that the new electoral rules had a significant impact on the decision of the president of Rzeszów Tadeusz Ferenc resignation from the start with a letter KO. Officially, the president says he persuaded him to give up, among others, residents. Another reason is the fear of a possible change of power after their departure to Warsaw. – Many mayors and presidents, although it would have a greater chance of selection than mayors, did not want to leave their city to forfeit government commissioners – says Krzysztof Iwaniuk from the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland (ZGWRP). So why President Vadim Tyszkiewicz decided to run? – We did the research, which shows that I have a real chance of winning the mandate, and my deputy also has a good chance of becoming president Nowa Sol, winning the pisowskim Elect. The question of how the situation will look like when you are in PiS Commissioner, who will be doing a campaign at the expense of the city and will look for hooks – wonders. Sometimes local governments start was to be blocked by the “Party Up”. – Marshal of the province. Lubuskie Elizabeth Pole to start thinking about the Senate, but Grzegorz Schetyna forbade her because you would need to choose a new marshal, and this was a risk that the province will lose – says one of our interlocutors.

Finally, it was the question of individual ambitions. – The parliament must have a majority. And what is the meaning to give the city and be in opposition? – asks Krzysztof Iwaniuk and indicates that the hopes for the level of involvement of local governments were “too big”. – The idea of ​​self-government of the Senate to appear for many years. But this would require changes in the law, rather than mass-start local governments, who every day have a completely different task – he adds. On Monday, “Super Express” wrote that the head of the Labor Department wants to introduce a supplement for the poorest pensioners in the amount of 500 zł. “Our government takes very seriously the problems of seniors. We want to support them, giving an annual disposable additive” – ​​said in an interview with “SE” Elizabeth Rafalska. Rafalska, when questioned on TVP1 of the reports said that MRPiPS is currently working “on a solution that would improve the situation of pensioners, who are the most vulnerable income” .See also: 500+ for pensioners – looks PiS voters idea how to buy »She recalled that the government He picked up some benefits, including minimum pensions, but lacked the “single supplement, which would constitute a significant boost” for pensioners. As she Rafalska, now the Ministry of Labor counts the cost of such a solution and whether it enters into force, it will be known in the next two months, “when we have agreed with the Finance Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister (Matthew) Morawieckim when it will approve the budget” . “If you will be adopted budget for 2018 years, we can not make (new) solutions, the financial consequences will be borne by the next year” – she noted.

March 1 increased the amount of the lowest benefits paid by the Social Insurance – pension, pension for total incapacity to work and survivors’ pensions amount to 1 thousand. zł gross, and the pension due to partial inability to work – 750 zł. This year’s indexation of benefits was to increase the amount of benefits currently enjoyed by the pensioner for the indexation rate – 100.44 percent. the increase could not, however, be less than 10 zł – in the case of pension tur, bridging pensions, teachers ‘compensation benefits, pensions for total incapacity for work, and survivors’ pensions and 7,50 zł – in the case of pensions due to partial inability to work and 5 zł – in the case of pensions also częściowych.zobacz: Senior finally noticed. Four years, millions of dollars and promotion ranked last in the penultimate place in Europe »retirement benefit is from March 1 – 1040 zł. The revised amounts have also been additions to pension benefits: Allowance for secret teaching and the addition of veteran is 209.59 zł, Allowance for war invalid totally incapable of work and independent existence – 314.39 zł, the addition of orphan – 393 , 93 zł, compensatory allowances – 31,44 zł. The base amount for calculating pensions from March 1, 2017. Is 3 thousand.

And 536 zł 87 gr. Lawyers Association to 15 September from Monday to Thursday 11-17 665 854 410 665 854 730 721 565 623 665 851 314 provide free telephone counseling about how to opt out of toxic financial products. He said Sulek, most insurance companies charge shaped liquidation – or “punishment” for breaking the policy – the ladder: the first (and sometimes also the second year), it was 100 percent. accumulated funds – that is, all the money paid – in the other 90 per cent., 80 per cent in the third. etc. Customers – he noted – had no awareness that bear such opłaty.zobacz also Polisolokaty: liquidation fees down. But others have been »” The reason for such high fees to decommission were – in our opinion – in part extremely high commissions they receive any middlemen selling the products. Often it was the entire annual premium, so if a customer has entrusted the money, and the company transferred them to an intermediary, for example. bank for the conclusion of the contract, it is somewhere these measures must then be protected if the client wanted to give up. He had to lose to the company to not has done. the commission is another element which customers do not know.

We believe that if this knowledge was passed , the number of victims would have been much less, “- he added. According to experts, most people turn for help to the Association, invested in the policies of 5-6 thousand. zł to approx. 20-30 thousand. zł. “The maximum amount with which they encountered, then half a million zł, but I suspect that most people who have invested more money, do not seek our help, because we hire a lawyer” – rated Sulek. He added that the owners of investment policies is a whole section of society, from young people to retirees. “The latter often fell victim to fraud at the bank. They wanted to open a deposit, safe to invest your savings, which hold at home and offered them + a better place + + superlokatę +, which avoids the so-called. Belka tax.

Just not told them that opt out ahead of time, they will lose the whole economy. Information on fees were hidden in the winding-up agreements so that even people who have experience in reading the writings of legal, do not orient themselves in what they are getting, “- described Sulek. As he spoke, customers also often not informed that polisolokaty, or contract of insurance with a capital fund, is the product of a long-term investment, and sometimes you have to pay premiums for many years. “We have the example of the lady from Krakow, who wanted to open a deposit at 10 thousand. Zł. Sold its investment policies, and a year later found out that he had to pay another 10 thousand.

She was not interested in that and only then learned that there is a problem. She lost all money “- pointed Sulek. According to the expert legal assistance can apply to both those who have yet polisolokaty and want to give them up, as well as those which have already abolished the policy. “In the first situation, you can submit a claim for the levy liquidation to the court on newly defined terms bilateral and this fee in the event of resignation is not absorbed 100 or 90 per cent. Of funds raised. If the policy is already closed, then you can submit a claim for refund liquidation, “- he explained. He added that in the case of investment policies, the limitation period is 10 years, so even if someone such policy liquidating 8-9 years ago and believes that he has suffered damage, it can still apply for a refund of the money lost.

See also: See how to recover money from investment policies »As he spoke, customers have the choice of three ways to recover the money. First, they can enter into a settlement agreement with the vendor policy. “We advise to first try this route in talks with companies. We see that the more arrives judgments favorable to customers, the company is more likely to conclude settlements. If someone is determined, able to present arguments, prepare well writing and fill the request, pay someone to do your homework online it has a chance at a favorable solution for you “- he said. Another way is – according Sulek – individual lawsuit. “We, unfortunately, can not represent the victims, but give information, we patterns writings. Because most people do not know how to do, where to start.

In this we can help. It is worth trying this method, because the courts are based reimbursement procedure, which usually covers approx. 70 per cent. attorney fees. Society also consist less and less appeal, “- he said. He added that the third way is a class action lawsuit, which is cheaper than joining a lawsuit to the individual. “We look at it with hope, as they may again influence the shaping of the relationship between insurers and consumers, having this product.

We realize that as individuals win in the courts, it is not felt by the insurance companies. However, in the class action that involve 100-200 people, is already the amount of several million. Besides, we hope that such judgments will be publicized, “- he said. According Sulek no such lawsuit has not yet found the settlement, but the decisions have already been admitted to their diagnosis. Until the end of last school year, every teacher in elementary school and junior high school had to spend two hours a week for extracurricular activities, and in the secondary school one hour. In accordance with the provisions of the teachers they had to settle with these hours, also known as card games, every half year. From September – in accordance with Article.

1 point 5 of the Act of 18 March 2016. Amending the Act – Teachers Charter and other acts (Journal of Laws of 2016. Pos. 668) – teachers are exempt from the obligation to carry out such activities. At the same time, according to the amendment, now a teacher conducting extra-curricular activities and school director decides – as the Ministry of Education believes – they should be paid extra.

Education, teacher when amending the Charter, also argued that with hours of card-disappears obligation to keep logs from teachers pozalekcyjnymi activities. Now it turns out that the announcement of the Ministry to reduce bureaucracy in the educational institutions are completely at odds with reality. In fact still valid Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 29 August 2014. On the conduct of the public kindergartens, schools and institutions documentation of the course of teaching, educational activities and care and the types of documentation (OJ item. 1170, as amended.), Which It refers to the extra lessons. And so, according to par.

13 paragraph. 1 of the act, the school is obliged to keep a log of activities other than classroom lessons. And because the act did not specify that it is a time card, it also relates to the activities currently carried out at the request of the directors. This is confirmed by Izabela Leśniewska, director of the Primary School No. 23 in Radomiu.zobacz also misguided education reform.

Even the PiS voters “Teachers complain that most couples. 13 paragraph. 3 of the Regulation. It indicates that the log for remedial courses and supporting student fits among others in alphabetical order the names and the names of the students, the branch to which attend, e-mail addresses of parents and their telephone numbers if you have them, an individual program of work with the child, and in the case of group activities program of work groups, weekly schedule, dates, and their duration and topics, progress assessment and proposals for further work with the child. As a result, for every hour of classes you fall a few hours of work a typical bureaucratic. Unlike in the case of the wheel of interest.

To them applies couples. 13 paragraph. 5 of the Regulation. According to the log you need to type only the names of the students, the dates and topics of the course, number of hours and note the presence of students. – The minister already in 2015. Received from our organization a list of idiocy that operate in educational law.

However, with the abolition of hours of card not abolished the bureaucracy in the conduct extra classes, whether developing or supporting – says Marek Pleśniar, director of the National Association of Executives of Education.