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Ugh. I can t believe your comments ought to. Dare I say #YesAllWomen. It doesn t appear she did or said. No one should get beaten. A real man would stand up and disappear when it was Michael Buble tour dates 2020 that bad, and overlook it. Women are certainly not responsible for men s actions. We usually are not your punching bags. The reason why DMN writes about this happens because someone becomes majorly PROMOTED despite a violent history and a lack of respect towards women. Everyone is all for firing Donald Sterling on account of racist comments and possibly even for his past racist behaviors, but nobody likes you Dr. Dre being promoted and also making money off of misogyny. Thank you, Paul, for bringing light to the issue.

Both articles that you ve wrote on this subject are already very deceiving. When I first read your article The Advertising Agency for your Grammy Awards Also Promotes Piracy in Times Square I was shocked that a so named pro-piracy campaign could be featured in such a commercial way, until I looked into it a lttle bit further. What your article does not mention could be that the other part in the billboard pictured in your first article, says Piracy is Stifling Creativity . Upon visiting the Artists vs Artists site, I watched because different descriptions about piracy changed. Sure, at some time it says Piracy is Progress , it also says Piracy is Evil, Piracy is Robbery, and Piracy is Stealing.

This could an appealing test of the targeted streaming space. For the fan of live music, there’s never been a less arduous way to have got all of your favorite concerts at your fingertips,the business proclaimed on the jam band faithful. The app lets you choose that epic show out of your favorite band’s tour, or find the best sets from back in the day. With the app, fans can revisit their most favorite performances without difficulty whilst track of last night’s show.’

Excellent thoughts and nice input even the people that appear angry, have a very good examine make, just covered with a bad clothes. The article by Ari, and a huge selection of other articles I ve read around, exist SEARCHING and sometimes POINTING the way for modern musicians to get by the problems from the (new) music business right now to attain the victory they really want. For the past 75 years the stock market has fluctuated wildly, with depressions and recessions, no matter what party is at office, president or congress sometimes with all democrats or all republicans or differing parties across both, industry went both ways so that it wasn t depending on any party.

The article is headed How Sia Lost Millions to Spotify With One Stupid Decision so you ask prominently in the article: why is Sia sacrificing huge amounts of money by directing fans from YouTube to 1 in the lowest revenue-producing platforms, Spotify? This only makes sense if Sia would get less overall from Spotify than from YouTube. You do admit, less prominently, in the article, that actually YouTube payouts are worse than Spotify, but that just means the content is inconsistent in addition to sensationalistic. You provide no evidence or argument in any respect to exhibit that Sia is sacrificing vast amounts .