Euro Betting Sites – Best European SportsBooks

Europe has become a sporting region for most of its existence. From chariot races from the ancient Roman Empire to the Greek games which birthed the modern Olympics, public sports competitions are popular activities for ages. Cricket, soccer, horse racing, rugby and golf clubs are one of the longest running sports in most European nations.

Fans also have made stakes on the competitions for as long as the games have been playedwith. European people gambling on horse racing stretches back to 1702 under Queen Anne. Horse racing became a professional sport in England during Anne’s era, spectators were allowed to make wagers on the races, even though private wagers were common practice. The contemporary sportsbooks of Europe continue this tradition with access to global games through the use of technology. The top sportsbooks for Europe comprise a wide selection of European and worldwide games plus the preferred deposit methods of the EU and its surrounding area.
Among the longest running European sportsbooks and largest private UK company is Bet365, whose package also includes poker, casino and bingo offerings. The absolute number of European based games at Bet 365 make it among the best sportsbooks for Europe. With more than 25 types of games that include Cricket, Cycling, Futsal, Greyhound Racing and the Gaelic Sports of all Irish Hurling and Irish Club Football games, Bet 365 has the largest choice of sports betting options around Europe. Bet 365 hosts over 11 UK Soccer leagues in addition to the Cup Championship matches of 13 other European countries. These matches include only half of the Global Soccer offerings. Bet 365 soccer also supplies accumulator bonus bets on the top European league games. Bet365 is also available for iPad bettors as well as Android bettors.

In addition to the largest European sporting events, Bet 365 also hosts specials by country such as the UK’s General Election, London Mayoral Race and Dancing on Ice. Germany specials comprise Superstar 2010 and Schlag den Raab 2010. The More Sports class at this best European sportsbook includes lesser known or infrequently featured games like Badminton, Trotting, Water Polo and Bandy. The gambling tickets are easy to use and Bet 365 also features mobile betting services for online or phone wagers. Live-in play betting is just another of Bet 365’s most popular features.

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